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Located at 668 Erb St. West in Waterloo, Ontario we are the area’s newest Aquarium Specialty store. After over 15 years of Aquarium Servicing in Southern Ontario including being the maintenance provider for the Bass Pro Shop in Vaughan, Ontario we decided in 2011 to open our first retail store.

Our store offers everything you need to setup and maintain a freshwater or saltwater aquarium and we also carry reptiles! Our fishroom has over 100 aquariums with everything from African Cichlids to small Tetras and Live freshwater plants to Saltwater Corals! We carry all kinds of aquarium products including some unique brands such as Dr. Tims Bacterial additive, Cadlights Aquariums, Reef Octopus Protein Skimmers, Hanna Checkers, Maxspect Razor LED Lights, Marineland Filters, Sicce Products and much much more!

Aquarium Installation and Maintenance

When we decided to open our store we knew we wanted it to be different from a lot of the other Aquarium Stores, we wanted it to be CLEAN!

We never liked shopping in Aquarium Stores that were dark and dingy and stinky and we don’t expect our customers to either. We take great pride in keeping our store clean and bright and we also try our best to make it an enjoyable atmosphere to shop in with excellent customer service! You’ll always be greeted with a smile at Aquariums by Design.

Along with Bruce our 8ft Great White Shark that hangs from our ceiling and greets you as you enter the store to our 1000 gallon Piranha Pond, there is always something cool to see at our store!

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  *On non-sale items.  Not including feeder fish.  Before taxes.  No VIP stamps available along with this coupon.  Tanks/glass lids not included.  Cannot be combined with any other offer.

Aquariums by Design sincerely hopes that your new fish purchase is enjoyable and the fish adjusts to your home aquarium without any problems. However, changing environments on a fish can be stressful and not every fish purchased will survive this experience. If your fish fails to survive within 7 days of the date of purchase (including the day of purchase), return the fish with this order form and cash register receipt and we will issue you a store credit for half the purchase price of the fish. This guarantee does not apply to Feeder Fish or Marine Fish. Aquariums by Design feels this is a fair livestock guarantee as after the fish leaves our store we have no way of knowing the conditions of your tank or your water quality. Returning of the dead fish is necessary as the fish is the product in question and obviously whenever there is a return made anywhere the product must be returned as well. If we too have had issues with the same fish or have had numerous customers return the same fish we will then off a full credit. Credits are only given for returned fish.

Start off by floating the bag of your newly purchased fish in your aquarium for about 15 minutes.  This will adjust the temperature of the water inside the bag to that of the aquarium. Then cut open the bag just below the knot and scoop a small amount of aquarium water into the bag. Continue to do this 3 to 4 times allowing 3 to 5 minutes in between each scoop. This will help the fish more easily adjust to any difference in the water between our tanks and your home aquarium such as pH, Hardness etc.  Ideally you shouldn't pour the water from the bag into your aquarium when releasing the fish as the water in the bag may be quite high in ammonia. Then gently scoop the fish from the bag with a small net or pour the bag gently over a bucket into a net and place the fish in the aquarium. Consult our staff for methods used for larger more aggressive fish and Marine fish. More delicate fish such as Cardinals, Shrimp, Clown Loaches, Rummynose etc. should be dripped.  Ask our staff how to perform the drip method of acclimation.

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