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Aquariums by Design is passionate about aquariums and passionate about maintaining and helping our planets Oceans and Reefs! We are proud supporters of "The Ocean Project"  "Adopt A Coral Program" and "The Coral Reef Alliance".

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In the case of our saltwater reef aquariums, Aquariums by Design always tries to use captive raised coral frags instead of wild caught mother colonies as much as possible. We stock our marine aquariums using as much captive bred marine fish to the best of our ability and never use fish that may be endangered in their natural habitat. We feel that preserving the Worlds Oceans, Lakes, Rivers and Rain Forests are very important for the responsible sustainability of the aquarium hobby. It is of the utmost importance to protect the world's most precious environments for the well being of our planet and the marine aquarium hobby.


Aquariums by Design believes that it is our responsibility to ensure we as adults hand over a healthy planet full of wonderful and amazing creatures to our children. There is nothing more gratifying than to watch a small child gaze into an aquarium in awe at the awesome creatures inside it, for these children are future aquarium hobbyists. If we can help show a child the beauty of the worlds fish, corals and inverts than perhaps they will all take a roll in helping to save the world's underwater environments as adults.


For as much beauty as the planet possesses above the world's Oceans the beauty beneath the waves is even more magnificent!


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