Aquarium Maintenance Equipment; Buckets, glass cleaner, chemical kit, paper towels, clear hoseRegular maintenance practices will lead to a healthy tank, providing years of enjoyment with little fuss and work.


Having Aquariums by Design take care of your aquarium maintenance is a great idea compared to the time and money spent trying to solve a problem, which might have been prevented in the first place.


The biggest factor for maintenance is tank stability which in turn keeps your aquatic life healthy and active.


By having Aquariums by Design look after your maintenance you can be assured that your aquarium is in the best of hands.


"Tired of cleaning your aquarium or maybe you just don't have the time! Well now you don't have to, just sit back and enjoy the view and let us do the rest! "

Residential and Commercial Aquarium Maintenance

Every system is different, and some will need a visit every week, such as salt water reef tanks with living corals. Other systems, such as larger tanks (90 gallons or more) with community fish or African Cichlids might get by with a visit once per month. Probably the most common maintenance program is 2 visits per month for freshwater and weekly visits for saltwater.

  • Gravel wash substrate & Perform a 20-30% water change
  • Algae glass and ornaments
  • Exchange plants as needed
  • Redecorate
  • Add any additives that are needed
  • Clean filters and replace filter inserts as needed
  • Check all hoses and equipments for leaks or damage
  • Test water
  • Clean glass lids
  • Check fish for health
  • Top up foods

Every system will be different, depending on the size of the aquarium, freshwater or saltwater and the amount of visits that are required.


Please contact us for details for your specific aquarium.

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